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Translation and localization

  • English > Russian;
  • Russian > English;
  • German > Russian;
  • Russian > German;
  • Others.

Translation quotes are being determined and agreed upon by the Customer and our manager with the account of our base tariff of 250 RUR/page provided that certain mark-ups or discounts may be applied (please, see below).

The above specified language pairs are the most popular among our customers, however we will be pleased to offer other language pairs translations.

The above specified base tariff implies translation within the average statistical time required by the certain volume, complexity and subject of the materials to be translated.


The base tariff is specified per one standard page (1800 symbols including spaces to be calculated with the use of MS Word statistics tool). Please, be informed that certain mark-ups (30 - 100% of the base term quote) will be applied in case of urgent translations. Should the translation terms be of no significant materiality for the Customer, discounts may be applied.

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